Technology we use at Busy Brooms

Here is an overview of how we use technology for our clients, and we are constantly evaluating new products that can improve on what we are already doing…

Busy Brooms Commercial Cleaning wants to insure that what is in your service agreement is what we deliver every visit, not just in the first few months of service, but continually. This is how we build lasting relationships with our clients, by taking care of even the small things.

We developed our CleanTech program that includes Live Inspections with reports made available to you so you can see exactly how we are doing!

We only use ProTeam backpack vacuum cleaners with their patented 4stage Hepa filtration system.

These vacuum cleaners are technologically superior to traditional push vacuums. ProTeam vacuums are recognized by the American Lung Association, they clean faster and will help to improve the indoor air quality of your space.

By increasing our effectiveness and improving our efficiency, we help keep your facility healthy and can keep your costs down. Its a win-win for everyone!

We pride ourselves with the fact that we use only microfiber towels to clean.

Micro fiber towels are superior to cotton towels because they are super absorbent, lint-free and pick up more dirt from the surface that we are cleaning. These towels not only clean better, but we use fewer chemicals when using microfiber, which is good for the environment and great for you.

Our cleaning techs use a color-coded system that insures a health-based cleaning practice. It’s a suttle difference that has a big impact on the health level of the facilities that we clean.